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Songs of Canada Song Circle
4764 Crescentwood Drive
Event 5:00 pm
This party is for strummers and/or singers. No passive spectators allowed. Bring your instrument. Bring your voice. No performance experience necessary. It’s kind of a campfire sing-along, but without the fire. Bring your lawn chair. Weather appropriate clothing…

CD Launch
Bright Wizard of Destiny – Infinity Solstice
5880 Columbia Ave.
Event 7:00 – 9:00 pm

The Bright Wizard of Destiny presents his new CD, Collateral Damage
Because we still need Anti-War songs.
INVITE ONLY This event is being held at a small venue so only a limited number of people can attend. SMMS Board members are invited, Porch party hosts may attend, the artist and the Venue owner may invite whomever they want . Invites are limited to 12 total from the members of the SMMS and 6 total from each of Porch Party Hosts Bruce and Sylvia. Please respect Chris and Elaine’s garden.

Colin Foley 80’s Midwest Blues
5803 Sinclair St.
Event 9:00 to 11:00
A strong acoustic tribute to John Prine, Johnny Cash, and outlaw folk and blues. This Venue is open to General Public.

Sylvia’s Jam
Edgewater Community Hall
Event at 10:00 to Midnight
Friday Night wraps up with friends of Sylvia Power (The Postmistress) and Dean Kendrick of Sheberdean at the hall. Same great party as last year only this time in a central location. This Venue is open to the General Public.