Getting up the Gumption

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How does a musician muster up the nerve to step out in front of a crowd and deliver a song?

Going on stage to perform for an audience can be daunting. These personal responses from some of the musicians who’ll be featured at the Steamboat Mountain Music Festival on July 25-26 reveal that performance is part of the creative process.

Emily Rawbon – Chisel Peak Blues Band

Emily's Mugshot

“Yes, it was daunting… at first. Recently, a friend was recalling how I used to shy away from audiences by either hiding behind the cabinet speakers or always looking down at my instrument. Now, I’m not so shy and I do what I’m supposed to do – give a performance. Getting up in front of an audience is a lot of fun and I am grateful to the many musicians and fans who have encouraged me to just get up there and do my best.”



Nicole Trigg — aka Niki Trigger

Nichole Trigg

“Getting up on stage is the natural extension of my songwriting. I feel an inner drive to share my songs, and when I try to ignore that feeling – because of fear of getting up in front of people, or fear of failure – it circles around and comes back even stronger than before. I’m at the point in my life where I’m finally starting to surrender to it instead of doubting it.”

Sylvia Power – SheberDean & the Postmistress

Sylvia Power the Postmistress

“Some performances will go well and others will not. The only sure way that I can find out what will happen next is to show up onstage to do my small part. I hope that the magical fairy of musical transcendence may smile upon my efforts but when she doesn’t I am still satisfied in knowing that I held up my end of the deal.” 



Ben Cameron – Dandelions

“Performing is fun. We practise a lot. Practice is hard. Then when it comes time tothe dandelions duo perform it’s much easier than practising, and much more fun. But it all comes back to being ready. That’s from practice.”

Shilo Cameron – Dandelions

“My approach to performance is much different. I ask for divine intervention. I call upon the angels. Then I trust that it will all work out.”