Day Trip with Canoe or Kayak to the Steamboat Music Festival

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All aboard, river lovers!

Steamboat Mountain Music Festival in Edgewater is a perfect day trip destination from Invermere or Radium for canoe and kayak enthusiasts. The logistics are simple. Launch in the morning from Athalmer Bridge or Radium Bridge. Let your vehicle be driven by friends to Edgewater landing area at the end of Station Road. Meet up with your friends at the Steamboat grounds, just a short walk up the hill from the river. Enjoy the festival for the afternoon and evening.

Wetlands From SMMF

The timing varies depending on the current of the river and the paddling effort you wish to make. Allow at least three-and-a-half hours from Athalmer, two-and-a-half from Radium for a leisurely trip. Experienced paddlers will no doubt adjust the time estimates accordingly. Lazy paddlers can let the river do all the work and enjoy its many wild wonders. The river will take you to the Edgewater landing, no matter your speed or style. The spot will be marked with a neon green flag.

Dress in layers.

As the day warms, and you exert efforts, you’ll want to shed your sweater or fleece. Use floatation vests, wear a hat, and bring sunscreen. Bring bug spray, but you may not need to use it. A good natural insect repellent is a tablespoon of lemon juice in a small spray bottle full of water. Bring bear spray, but you most likely will not need it. There are no services on the river, so be sure to prepare for weather changes, protect yourself from the elements, and pack drinks and snacks.

July is usually the perfect time to be on the river. Wildlife is active. You’ll see song-birds, waterfowl, herons, ravens, hawks, osprey, and eagles. Watch for beavers and otters. White tail and mule deer often come to the shore for a drink. Bears and moose are more rare, but if you’re lucky you may see some.

As you float along, imagine the sternwheeler days on the Columbia. There are still remnants of some of the old docks where the steamboats stopped to load wood or let off passengers and freight.  The river is a reward in itself, but at the end of your river run, you’ll be greeted by another reward: the friendly and sociable scene and melodic sounds of the 2015 Steamboat Mountain Music Fest.

By the way, if you are interested in volunteering for the Society or Festival, please let us know!

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