The Thomas T Blues Band is known for soulful R&B music. They were there when blues came to the King Eddie, and they’ve nurtured that sound ever since.
Thomas T is a blues singer / songwriter. With more than 40 years on the music scene, Thomas was inspired as a child when listening to rockabilly musician Ronnie Hawkins and has since performed a diverse range of roots music (Latin, jazz, blues), all contributing to his distinctive take on cover tunes, complimenting his original music, and resulting in pure enjoyment for dancers and music lovers alike.
Settled in Calgary and in the studio recording, Thomas continues to bring his brand of the Blues to the clubs ….. where you can enjoy his unique electrifying guitar work, smooth moan of the slide guitar, and powerful vocal stylings. Thomas delivers the real thing, straight from the heart…..with style.
This six piece band, complete with horn section, will get you dancin’ and groovin’ for sure at the Steamboat Festival Saturday, July 7th.
Performance Time: 9:00pm