Smarty Pants is a trio of seasoned musical daredevils who have lived in the Columbia Valley for decades and been friends for as long.  Their music ranges from originals written by Kurt and Bill to covers of tunes popular during the times of their youth in the 50s 60s and 70s.  Originally with no aspirations of becoming a gigging band, Smarty Pants greatest joy continues to be getting together on Sunday afternoons to see what will happen.

Brian Rogers on percussion  provides the catchy rhythmic foundation juxtaposed by the dueling acoustic guitars of Kurt Reichel and Bill Cropper who is equally adept at the mouth harp or harmonica. All three combine their voices for breathtaking vocal harmonization as well as stirring solo deliveries. A jolly repartee connects the songs of each performance with a wink of the eye and a nudge to the funny bone.

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