Hamburgers on Wonderbread is comprised of wheat gluten bread, ground beef, slices of cheese, and a variety of ketchups/mustards/mayos and various condiments.

Also included: Classic Rock, Grunge, 90s, Funk and Jams, and all sorts of ‘shake your thang’ music to get you in the mood for a night of good vibes. Enjoy responsibly

HAMBURGERS ON WONDERBREAD INGREDIENTS: Fender Strat, Microphones, Drumset (cymbals, snare, toms, sticks), Thick Bass tones, Tambourine, Mic Stands, Blackstar Amp, Burning Musical Passion, Rock and Roll, 60s to 2000s Classics, Hamburger, Wonderbread, Melted Cheese, Ketchup and Mustard.

Contains: Gluten. Lots of gluten.

WARNING: May cause uncontrollable urge to dance, party, and the rock &%^$ out! Handle with extreme caution. Do not open unless prepared for a full dose of awesome.

Phil – Vocals, Bryyyan – Bass, Mathew – Drums, Jesse – Guitar and Keys