Annual Duck Race on the Flume

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A little history lesson…
In 1911, the Columbia Valley Ranches Ltd. built this dam and irrigation flume to service approximately 1200 acres in the Edgewater area. The first water from Kindersley Creek came down the flume in 1913. Following the bankruptcy of the Columbia Valley Ranches in 1922, the flume was eventually taken over by a group of local landowners and, starting in 1947, operated as the Vermillion Irrigation District. This cooperative venture currently consists of about 95 landowners who maintain the flume through water taxes.
Consisting of 8 km of wooden construction and approximately 5 km of underground pipe, the flume operates from mid-May to mid-October.

Every festival we start off with the traditional duck race down the historical Edgewater Flume. 200 Tickets are sold in advance starting at the launch party, and if you are in attendance that day you get the advantage of picking your own duck number(s). On the Thursday of the festival weekend ducks are sent on there adventure down the flume, in hopes of being in the top 3 to cross the finish line. Organizers video the race and monitor throughout to ensure the ducks are travelling smoothly and to capture the finale. If you are one of the lucky ticket holders of those 3 first to cross you win the corresponding prize money,

1st – $500, 2nd – $300, 3rd – $200. The winners are announced in the afternoon on the Saturday.

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Tickets are $10/ea. and go fast so we encourage people to get them early!

If you are not from the immediate area but would like to purchase a racer, please contact